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Frequently Asked Propane Questions


Here at EnviroPro Energy Company, LLC we understand that safety and education is the key to success! And for that reason we want to make sure that all of our customers questions are answered and that they are as educated about propane and it's use as is humanly possible. So to start this process we are providing some of the most commonly asked questions we get and the best answer we have to help you know more about the proper uses and choices you can make with propane.

Where do I find the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for my MSDS folder here at work?

Click Here for the English version.

Click Here forthe Spanish version.

How does your electronic monitoring system work and what is the benefit to me?

The electronic monitor is attached to your tank and reads the level gauge in the tank. You know the one you have had to go out and check to make sure you had propane. It turns that into an electronic signal that is transmitted back to our software system at regular intervals though the GSM cellular network. Then we can see how much propane is in your tank from anywhere we have internet access, on our smart phones, tablets or our computers. 

By using this data in a routing software program we can route our trucks much more effectively. Benefit number one, you don't ever have to worry about checking the level of your tank and we aren't coming to your house once a month or two and just topping off your tank. Benefit number two, you never have to worry about running out of propane, because we guarantee you that you won't, because we always know exactly what you have in your tank. Benefit number three, since we aren't making a bunch of unneccdesary trips on scheduled routes, we are able to lower our operating expenses and pass those savings along to you. Benefit number four, no delivery fees, hazmat fees and no sales tax wen you are set up with our system.

How safe is propane?

Propane is one of the safest fuels you can use in your home or business. It is highly unlikely that propane can ignite because of its low range of flammability. Unlike other fuels in your home like heating oil, gasoline, diesel and alcohol almost impossible for anyone to ingest it because it is sealed in a container or tank at all times. We are dedicated to continually work with our clients to make sure they are educated to all of the correct preventative maintenance needed on their propane systems and appliances so that they will always be safe and healthy.

What are the things I need to know and do to properly handle propane correctly?

All of our technicians are fully trained to inspect your propane system and appliances. We want to make sure that you are always safe. We also can work with you to train you to make sure you are always doing things safely as well. If you are ever unsure about what you are doing with your propane systems or feel there is safety issue, we want you to contact us immediately.

Is propane a better choice for for my home heating than electricity?

General speaking, electrical appliances are much more expensive to use than the same appliances that use propane. Some studies have estimated that you could be spending more than twice as much on your cooking, hot water, clothes drying or house heating if you are using electrical appliances instead of propane appliances. It is had been demonstartes that propane gas furnaces will provide a more consistent flow of warm air throughout your home, and that their life span is considerably longer than electrical furnaces.

How convenient is propane to use compared to other fuels?

As far as convenience is concerned propane is considered to be one of the easiest energy sources to use. Since propane storage is in a portable tank that, when used properly, is completely safe and can be installed in locations that other fuels can't even supply. If you are using propane for all of utility needs you won't be on the electric grid that can go down and if there is no piping of natural gas it is a very convenient solution. As we mentioned the tank is safe and secure, and makes you more self-sufficient compared to other fuel sources.  All of this makes it a nearly perfect fuel for your home or business.  Also can be used safely as a motor fuel in vehicles. There are over ten thousand refueling stations nationwide, with more being installed everyday.

Is propane an environmentally friendly compared to other fuels?

Propane is a much cleaner burning fuel when compared to all of your other fossil fuel options. Since propane is a non-toxic fuel it isn't harmful to the soil or water. When vehicles use propane as a motor fuel these vehicles can meet emission standards that are much than when they were powered by gasoline, they can even meets the Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) standards. All of these factors make propane a great alternative fuel for the environment and better than some of the other alternative fuel options.

Should I convert my fleet of vehicles to liquid propane autogas?

There are several benefits to converting you fleet over to propane power, not only will you be contributing to cleaner air for our community, but by powering your vehicles with propane instead of gasoline you can nearly double the life expectance of your motor. Your maintenace costs are also lower with a propane powered fleet vehicle, as you can go longer between normal maintenace oil changes and tune-ups. Another benefit is that propane is a domestic fuel produced here in the United States of America, your fleet can help us all to eleminate our dependancy on OPEC oil and create American jobs. We currently have a vehicle propane filling station at our main storage facility in Williams, California. One of the benefits of using our propane fueling station is our ability to send you a monthly and/or end-of-year fueling log of your propane purchases to facilitate your tax reporting and help you calculate your usage. Click here for more information about how we can help convert your fleet to a propane powered fleet.

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