Summer BBQ Safety Tips

Barbeque Safety Tips

There are thousands of people burned every year from the careless use of outdoor grills. The primary cause of these burns is the use of unapproved lighter/starter fluids or gasoline and of course the misuse of approved lighter fluids. All of these injuries are preventable, if we would just use a little common sense.

Charcoal Grills

First, you should never use gasoline as a starter fluid or accelerant when lighting a charcoal grill. Only use an approved charcoal lighter/starter fluid to light you charcoal grill. And always follow the manufacturer’s directions that accompany the lighter/starter fluid, as well as the grill manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Should those instructions be unavailable, the following procedures should help make sure that you have as little risk as possible. When applying the lighter/starter fluid to your briquettes, be carefully not to spill any of the fluid on your clothing or on the area immediately around the barbeque grill. Only use enough lighter/starter fluid to soak the briquettes and not so much as to run off the briquettes and on to the ground. After you have soaked the briquettes with your approved lighter/starter fluid; you should wait at least 60 seconds before light the briquettes. By doing this you are allowing the heavy concentration of explosive vapors to dissipate from the area. And make sure and place the container of lighter/starter fluid well away from your grill before you attempt to light the briquettes. When lighting the presoaked briquettes you should wear an insulated, fire retardant barbeque mitt.  And never under any circumstance add lighter/starter fluid to hot or even warm coals, as this can result in an explosion.

Propane And Natural Gas Grills

When you are using a propane or natural gas grill; the first thing to do before you light the grill, it is to check all the connections from the fuel source to the inlet connection of the grill for leaks. Never use a match, candle or flame to check your grill for gas leaks. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction that accompanied the grill when purchased. Only open the valve between one quarter and one half of a turn before lighting the grill. When you are done grilling make sure and turn off the supply valve from the fuel source. Always make sure the lid to your grill is open when lighting your grill. As the propane or natural gas could accumulate inside and when ignited, could explode and blow the lid off the grill, causing severe injuries. Periodically clean your grill according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Have an approved fire extinguisher located in the grilling area at all times.. Store your full or empty propane tanks in a well-ventilated shed away from the house or any habitable structure. And always make sure and store propane tanks away from any potential source of ignition, such as furnaces, water heaters or any appliance with a pilot light.

All Grill Safety Tips

Wear short sleeved and tight fitting clothing while cooking on the grill. And keep children and pets away from the grilling area at all times.

By following these basic tips you should have a safe and enjoyable barbeque grilling season. 

Wishing you a happy summer full of fun with your families.

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